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Jose Trigueirinho Netto and Planetary Evolution

      SOL Magazine Issue # 9 Fall 2010.

"As human beings grow in consciousness, their understanding of the law of karma also grows. They no longer see it as a mere instrument to compensate for past errors, but recognize it as an infallible means to fulfill the higher goal of life. They begin to notice that the law of karma is present on various levels of existence and that it functions in different ways. And so they begin to cooperate with it intelligently. They are no longer performers of their destiny, but effective assistants of evolution, true co-creators." JTN

Did some of you wonder where that intriguing quote on our SOL #8 back-cover came from? It was a statement by universal philosopher Jose Trigueirinho Netto about the "ark of long ago" being, nowadays, both a vessel for states of consciousness while yet representing for other people literal forms. We wanted to honor the teachings he delivers more thoroughly in writing here rather than giving distracting author information on a back cover. After all, what do you say in a few words about "a being who has written 77 books to seed new life for all humanity"?

Irdin is the name of the organization which helps share this global visionary's teachings of current works of evolutionary content. They publish and arrange translations and publications for many of his 77 books, (with about 2 million copies originally published in Portuguese, Spanish and more and more of them released in English by Irdin Editora as well as French, Italian, German and Braille by other publishers. They are mainly supported by voluntary work and donations.)

The organization does describe their mentor well. Anyone who reads his books or other utterly esoteric accounts must join him in domains so far-flung from earthly concerns that the reader will have a hard time finding any other such information anywhere. And yet, he peppers his writings with the most grounded notions about Mother Nature, the growing importance of the plant kingdom, or the changing functions of the human body. "He shares generously," his own website alerts the reader, "despite the fact that much of what he shares could be considered impossible to prove." Josй Trigueirinho "sustains a balance on a thin line between the inner and the outer worlds....He seeks to encourage readers and listeners [Ed.: of more than 1600 CDs recorded live from his lectures in Brazil] to discover their own deep self and the greater life they are immersed in, which are realities all of us may become aware of.... [transmitting information about] the "great transformation that the terrestrial human beings and this planet are undergoing, and the meaning and purpose of such a change...Trigueirinho encourages us to live a life of peace and in harmony with the Greater Will of the Universe, clarifies the reasons for the present crisis of humanity and puts us in contact with an infinite network of Light." ( SOL

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Following are direct excerpts from Trigueirinho’s website which explain his work most clearly:

"Jose Trigueirinho Netto's... work explains a larger reality that humanity is quickly approaching. This reality may be seen as glimpses of a new era by those that are willing to go beyond known limitations; expressing a maturing of planetary processes that allow a fuller expression of the inner self.

Carol Parrish, noted author and founder of Santa Sophia Seminary, commented in her introduction to his book Calling Humanity: "Many insights never before revealed about the activities of the cosmos were given to him, as well as the knowledge of what portion of them is up to humanity to perform." Carol also shared that he was the teacher Alice Bailey had announced in the past.

"Trigueirinho speaks to us about existing civilizations in other dimensions and levels of consciousness, as if barriers to inter-dimensional exchange were being dissolved and we could move more freely through an expanded field of perception.

"The history of Trigueirinho includes the experience that is called 'transmutation' or soul exchange. This experience is mentioned in the works of H. P. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and Alice A. Bailey. Through transmutation, the inner being of a person leaves the lower body so that another inner being may take its place. At the time of his transmutation, when he was contacted by an advanced being (a member of the Hierarchy), Trigueirinho was already an advanced spiritual instructor.

"Since 1987, the year of this transmutation, Trigueirinho has walked a rarified line between the inner realities and the external ones. As his mind registers interactions with the invisible, with beings that live in the harmony of the inner planes, he tries to transmit their existence in his lectures. As a person who is ahead of his time, he is open to those who aspire to the stimulating possibilities of a broader life. This informative material demonstrates deep respect for the inner search and for the countless ways of expressing truth, independent of its many forms...

"Trigueirinho's work explains the reasons for the current crisis that devastates humanity and announces a more luminous cycle on the Earth... Trigueirinho is the founder of a spiritual center named Figueira, located in Central Brazil. Figueira is dedicated to the planetary evolution independent of doctrines, sects, religions or institutions. The group life at Figueira is designed to facilitate the development of harmony and cooperation among individuals who wish to transform themselves (both residents and visitors). This work is complex and incorporates many activities: development of medicines and foods, retreats, lectures and instruction, agriculture, healing, training for emergency situations, and service. Service is also provided to the local community through donation of agricultural products and meals to those in need; along with clothing, household items, and instruction in hygiene and health. All the residents of Figueira are celibate and practice vegetarianism, although all visitors are welcome as long as they observe these choices during their visit. Individuals from Brazil and other countries frequently lecture at Figueira on spiritual subjects and collaborate in its work."

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