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Issue # 3  April 2009 !


SoL Magazine. Issue # 3 cover


Editorial: On Bee-ing together in this world

It was no surprise to Yuri and myself that this issue, as did our other two, seemed to decide for itself which subject matters we were to present to you.

The lovely Vladimir Megre interview we've been busy translating is already on the wonderful EARTH publication online, where he shares Anastasia's ideas about spirituality on a Kin's Domain, and discusses the rhythmic living that happens when we are more and more bonded with our land. In the section of the interview about the children in the Taiga, little Volodya and his sister, Vladimir explains how they spend their winters. (See Vladimir's greeting for us inside and also linking information into EARTH, to read the interview.)

We have been getting more experience in biodynamic bee-keeping. Lo and behold, their idea of the Bien, as some biodynamic bee-keepers are beginning to call the entire "body" of the bee colony (looking somewhat like a hanging swarm) feels to us just the way this magazine feels, and our symbolic pollen-gathering for you. Aren't we, all together, just like that, expressing this idea of the living bee-organism in its totality as a sentient Bien-Being and the living environment, namely the world of waiting blossoms, as an extended aspect of that Being? Your messages and input are our pollen, bringing encouragement and ideas, including even your subscription money to cover some of the printing cost. Then we try to make honey out of it and feed it back; we give back to you pollen in the form of some or other piece of information, and so many of you go out and make honey out there for others, and even feed some back to us...and on it goes with this wondersome, amazing, sweet and nourishing endeavor we call Space of Love.

As you sort through our choices of article-honey, or pollen for the soul, royal jelly for the heart, and maybe metaphoric beeswax or propolis for the body, you may notice THIS:

Just as Anastasia repeatedly asked Vladimir - and is therefore asking her readers - "to be logical", we are asking the same thing of ourselves as we choose pieces for you and to at once also remember the opposite - to be instinctively and intuitively attuned and aligned. These would seem to be mutually exclusive activities, and in a way they are. But, as mind and heart bring very different qualities to our human experience which sometimes are hard to integrate, that is indeed the eternal challenge - to square the circle, as the ancients called it, a bit of an apparent impossibility. And yet, our need to be logical and questioning with our minds does not need to be in contradiction with an open-hearted willingness to be guided by our higher selves, by Nature and through our Primal Source.

See if you can find the places where we are asking, in so many ways...ARE we really logical? HAVE we really asked the deepest questions before moving on with our lives based upon unquestioned assumptions we have been “fed”, and which we never knew to challenge - - until now. Let us know what you think about the store of goodies in our hive-body called Space of Love Magazine, Issue #3. We are already collecting and storing in an additional hive and will be ready to swarm come time for our wonderful summer issue. Until then, let us hear what the buzz in YOUR neighborhood has been about as it comes to the greening of your own Spaces of Love and the grandest of them all, our dear planet Earth.

With the sweetest of our blessings and in gratitude, Yuri and Regina

(Pssst...Yuri is in Love! Look for Yuri's and Irina's Living Diary on p. 3)

Statement of Purpose

 We recognize the present time as a transitional period for humanity, with massive transformations on their way to a new era of more refined dimensions. With this in mind we consider this a final call - of Nature and of Divine Mind - to carefully collect and spread the information about Space of Love so as to assist people with this transition gracefully and joyfully into a new era of Love and Harmony. We are all co-creators of some or other Space of Love, and of our planet , and with the help of Nature, we truly learn and contribute from our heart.


The magazine is published 4 times a year. Each Issue will consist of 48+ pages with black and white photos and pictures and coloured cover. See content of Issue # 3 below.

Content of the Issue #3 :

* Space of Love Living Diary
       Yuri and Irina, co-creating and reporting "live"
    * Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre greets SOL Readers
    * Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)
       Social, Cultural, Ecological and Spiritual Dimensions
    * Living Routes
       Learning about Eco-Villages by Living and Doing
    * Ecovillage Tales - Seaching for Home
       Greetings from Australia from Chris and Radha
    * International Summer School for Teachers in Bindt, Slovakia
    * A Visit to Sepp Holzer's Krameterhof
       Ukrainian Gardeners in Search of Paradise
    * Angaangaq - The Man Who Melts the Ice in the Hearts of MAN
    * Meet Miss Beet!
       Ron Nash in Conversation with Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
    * Little Giants
       Practical ideas to get the most from a small garden-space
    * Baker Creek Heirloom
       Seeds Gardening Guide
    * Swami's 2009 State of the Universe
    * The City that Ended Hunger
       A city in Brazil finds solution to hunger. What about Yours?
    * Why I am Planting a Garden
    * Arkaim
       An Ancient Celestial Observatory of Ultimate Accuracy (continued)
    * Jealousy
       An evil or... a necessary source of transformation?
    * Eating Like Breathing
       SOL Recipes by Laura Fox
    * Land Title and Tenure
       Who Owns our Land?
    * Chronobiotic Nutrition - a 10000 year-old Vedic Practice?
       Eating in Rhythm with the Sun
    * Are we Really Gorging Ourselves to Death?
    * Russia and its Role in a Peaceful Global Future
       Rediscovering our Tribal Souls
    * How Lao Tzu had Sex
    * Are You too Sencitive?

Please read some of the articles here.

Space of Love magazine, Issue # 3 selected articles

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