Main Symptoms Of Menopause

The menopause is a process that naturally occurs in the life of every woman. It marks a definite change in a female organism and is usually very unpleasant. This special period of time can cause a sort of discomfort and stress due to its symptoms but few women know that menopause can be even liberating and exciting due to some relief products available on the modern market. These products ease symptoms of menopause.

One of such products is called ProF and can be bought via the internet. It has an official website which is far from perfect. Even though it is made professionally it contains no information about the product's ingredients and side effects. Who needs to know so much about the doctor who developed the formula, Dr. Tar Allmen? There are also a lot of testimonials from women who have used ProF. All of them are extremely satisfied which makes me think that they are unreal. The website also offers information about the symptoms of menopause.

ProF is made to help relieve the main symptoms of menopause. Most women suffer from night sweats and hot flashes at that period. Females may also face other conditions such as mood swings, extreme fatigue, anxiety, a decrease in sexual desire and weight gain as well as vaginal dryness. These changes occur due to the change of hormonal levels in the woman's body. This is the reason why some doctors recommend taking hormones during this period of life. However, these medications can carry a lot of health risks. That's why natural supplements may become a good alternative. According to the ProF website, when taken on a daily basis, this product demonstrates improvement in the overall state of a woman during the menopause. But let's have a look at the main ingredients of ProF in order to understand whether it is really so.

The ingredients used in the ProF include Angelica Gigas, Cyanchum Wilfordii and Phlomis Umbrosa. All the ingredients are named on the official website but not explained in what way they work. For this reason I had to make my own research. The main active substance used in the formula is Angelica Gigas, which is claimed tomaintain gynecological health. According to the Internet, this plant is widely used for heartburn, loss of appetite (anorexia), intestinal gas (flatulence), arthritis, "runny nose", circulation problems, nervousness, trouble sleeping and plague. Some women use this substance to start their menstrual periods and even to cause an abortion. Angelica improves sex drive, increases urine production, stimulates the secretion of phlegm, and has antiseptic properties. Angelica works by increasing the vibrations in sex organs.

Cyanchum Wilfordii is said to boost the circulatory system, that is to improve blood flow in the vessels, however, I can hardly support the view that this will significantly help to cope with menopausal symptoms. And Phlomis Umbrosa is used to reduce pain and relieve inflammation, as well as ease the symptoms of paresthesia, vasomotor, insomnia, melancholia, nervousness, fatigue and vertigo. According to some data, there was also improvement in vaginal dryness but there is no prove of this information.

All of these three ingredients are chosen in a wrong way and I can hardly believe that they will work against symptoms of menopause. Besides, the official website doesn't even contain ingredient amounts, so it is difficult to say whether the blend of ingredients is proprietary.

The manufacturer doesn't mention any side effects of its product ProF. It remains unclear whether all of its ingredients are natural. I don't think that this supplement is able to solve the problems that rise in the period of menopause. The ingredients may carry potential dangers. The dosage is also unclear. Let's have a look at the possible side effects of the main product's ingredient Angelica Gigas. It is said to be safe if used in food amounts, but there isn't enough information whether this ingredient is safe if taken in medicinal amounts. That is why it's better to use it for a short term. Using angelica, wear sunblock outside, as this substance might make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

"The capsule ProF, however, is made of toxic material, with 3 different food dyes and it is not a natural vegetarian capsule"

"Save your money. I took it every day for 60 days. Nothing....I was hoping to get some relief from night sweats and hot flashes. Very disappointed with prof"

"Used ProF per the instructions for 3 weeks. No changes, no relief from symptoms. Ladies don't spend your money on this is just a waist. I didn't read the reviews before hand and unfortunately i read them after i was using it already and the reviews were horrible"

ProF is available on a number of retailer websites such as Walmart, Amazon, GNC. It can be also ordered on the official website. A single bottle of the product costs $60. You will be also offered a free booklet on how to cope with the menopause symptoms.

I am sure that ProF isn't able to take care of the female health during menopause as it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, ProF does not contain the main menopause relief ingredients, it contains only additional "helpers". The formula and work of the product is not explained properly.

As for the ProF, it is available on many websites, it has many video testimonials which may be unreal, though. You can find company contact information on the official website, as well as the data about the developer of the formula. You are expected to be offered a 30-day money back guarantee.

Summing up, it should be mentioned that despite the fact that ProF is one of the most reputable brands of menopause relief available on the modern market, it has a number of negative aspects mentioned higher. Its ingredients are not well known, and even when is tried to find at least some information about them I failed. Despite being one of the most expensive brands, ProF doesn't provide obvious relief within a short amount of time. Taking into consideration the users' reviews for this menopause supplement, I cannot recommend it for usage. The contemporary market offers a great variety of more effective products that cause no adverse effects.